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What beverage products are the petainerKeg™ best used for?

The petainerKeg™ is suitable for a wide-range of beverage products on tap including beer, wine, cider, cold-brew coffee, kombucha and low-carbonated sodas.

Coming in summer of 2017, the petainerKeg™ will be able to accommodate all carbonated beverages.

How can the petainerKeg™ increase revenue?

With the petainerKeg™ there is no capital investment, no deposit, no contract, no tracking, no empty keg storage, no pay-per-fill program. Due to the lightweight nature of the petainerKeg™, you will save significantly on shipping costs and return logistics. The petainerKeg™ offers the opportunity to increase export and explore new markets.

Will my customers and I receive technical support?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service. We don't just sell kegs, we educate distributors, our clients and their customers about our products and their use. Our technical specialists are always available for questions and on-site training.

Does the petainerKeg™ fit my standard tapping equipment?

Yes, the petainerKeg™ use the standard American Sankey D coupling system. No conversion or additional investment is necessary.

Can the petainerKeg™ be filled on my existing filling line?

Yes, the petainerKeg can be filled on existing lines with a few exceptions. Some software adjustments may be necessary. Please contact your machine supplier for further details. 

Keg Filler Set Up Instructions for USD

Keg Filler Set Up Instructions for Classic

Can the petainerKeg™ be manually filled?

Yes, according to the Hand Filling Instructions.

Is the petainerKeg™ recyclable?

Yes, the petainerKeg™ is fully and easily recyclable. The recycling code is #1. Use the pressure release tool to prepare the keg for recycling.

Use & Disposal Instructions